About Us

Winery Antigona is result from the love of tradition for wine which is very well known and comes right from the region where our family owned winery is located- the povardarian region. It is written a lot for the best wine that comes from these regions- rich with different tastes,opium smells and the best quality grapes from the povardarian region.

Started as an idea for creating the best quality vines with their own distinctive mark, winery Antigona started building in 2011 I the most known wine region in Macedonia in the small city of Negotino. It is equipped with the best technology and big production capacity, best fermetation tanks and is goal is to create wine that is mirror of our region, wine with quality and its own uniqueness. Winery Antigona, although a new winery, tries to be in the pace with the world of wine, but still keep its authencity and uniqueness. Winery Antigona at the moment makes 6 classical types of quality wine such as Caberne Souvignion, Vranec, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling and Temjanika, all of them carefully balanced with authentic notes,aromas and unique taste thanks to our best oenologists. Winery Antigona although new, has claimed several awards for its wines such as a wine for best red wine, and it is visitor to many international wine fairs in the world.